Audition to Feature in Nollywood Movie

Registration is on! Feature in a top quality Nollywood movie which would be shot soon.

We are looking for talented actors and actresses. Most interestingly, we want up and coming talents. This opportunity is open to all new, up and coming talents in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Asaba and all parts of Nigeria. Also, if you are outside Nigeria, you are still very eligible to participate.

If you know you have what it takes, then get in touch and be auditioned. Who knows, you might be the next superstar out of Nollywood and Africa as a whole.

Contact: Iyke Phelim

Tel/Whatsapp: +2348033197595, BBM 55a317b0

Office Address:

23 Fatai Street Junction,

Greenland Road,

Egbeda, Lagos.

NOTE: Start the conversation by greeting appropriately with respect (good day, good morning, good afternoon etc) and stating your name and location..then state your reason. These are the first things you do when you start up a conversation based on a need you have on someone you are chatting with for the first time

Some people would call/beep me trying to start up a conversation with: Whats up bro, Hi, Hello, Hey, etc.. You need a favour yet you don’t have respect. I’ll ignore you or block you altogether if you don’t show respect.

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