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Organic Skin Glowing Creams and Oils

Are you hoping to enhance and brighten your skin the healthy organic way? You are at the right place. We have a range of very good and effective organic body creams, lotions, oils, scrubs etc that are very suitable for all skin types. We have great organic beauty products for… Read more »

Extreme Velvet Skin Toning Cream

Extreme Velvet Skin Glow is a very good complexion enhancing cream that guarantees great results within a short period of time. Users if this cream actually get two shades fairer in 14days. Extreme Velvet cream is for face and body, and suitable for all skin types. If you really desire… Read more »

Get A Smooth Silky Spotless Skin – Beauty Consultant

Truth be told, enjoying a smooth, silky, spotless and even toned skin comes at a price. You have to invest in time for research and money to acquire the right items for your skin. This could take several weeks, months or years of trials by error before you arrive at… Read more »

Bum-Lite Milk – Dark Buttocks Glowing

Having darker (or black) buttocks is very common with many black women and men. It is known to affect their self esteem especially when there’s need to expose their bodies in the presence of another person. If you have dark buttocks and you want to lighten it up to match… Read more »

Glowing the Right Way – Soaps, Oils, Powders and Creams

Body glowing soaps, oils, powders and creams are all over the Nigerian cosmetic market. Some are good while some, not too good. It is true that quality is directly proportional to price. This is the reason why quality body glowing is not cheap in Nigeria. There are many cheap products… Read more »

Quality Hair Extensions and Wigs

Get the best price. We sell top quality hair extensions and wigs in Lagos; available in synthetic and natural hair. We proudly say, we have the best quality for all brands, like expressions hair attachments, at the best price. Visit our office: Talking Nails & Beauty 23 Fatai street, Greenland… Read more »

Facial Treatment with Back Massage Services in Lagos

Do you battle with pimples, blackhead, skin patches, skin discoloration, cream reactions etc etc? If your answer is yes and you live in Lagos or outside Lagos and you don’t mind traveling to Lagos for quality facial treatment, this is good news for you.. Visit Talking Nails & Beauty..for that… Read more »

Indian Secret Glowing Oil

The Indian Secret Oil guarantees good and healthy body glowing; depending on what you want to achieve. While it improves your overall complexion, this oil also nourishes the skin keeping it silky smooth; the desire of many top models, celebrities and anyone who desire a beautiful skin glow. So, if… Read more »

Crystal Body Polish Powder

Everyone desires a crystal clear, smooth and glowing skin. To achieve this, body polish is recommended to help bring back the shine in your skin. Our New Crystal Body Polish Powder specially formulated to remove dirt and unwanted substances from the surface of your skin. Leaving your skin smooth, silky,… Read more »

Skin Breakouts and Patches Treatment in Nigeria

Many times, people suffer from breakouts and patches on their skin as a side effect to some external or internal factors. External factors include: Environments, climate, Body Creams, Humidity and every other factor which can react with your skin in a way leading to skin breakouts and/or skin patches. Internal… Read more »