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Professional Acne Treatment in Nigeria

No doubt, pimples and acne make a mess on any skin. And, these days, many young ladies and guys suffer from severe acne and pimples skin infections in Nigeria. However, there is good news. If you are suffering from pimples and acne and you want them all off your beautiful… Read more »

Thai White Cream – Buy Here

The Thai White Cream is one of the latest skin whitening creams which promises visible and good results in two weeks. This cream is growing fast in popularity and demand globally. What it does: * It whitens the skin * It clears surface blemishes * It softens and nourishes the… Read more »

Buy Knuckle Magic Cream – Total Removal of Dark Knuckles

Do you have dark ugly knuckles on your feet and hands? If yes, now is the time to enjoy a clearer and even skin tone on your hands and feet. You shouldn’t go around in public wearing gloves and covered shoes all the time because you don’t want people to… Read more »

Buy 100% Herbal Soap – Perfect for Skin Lightening

We ship 100% Herbal Soap to all parts of Nigeria and abroad. For those who want their skin to sparkle, it is important you use the right lightening soap to help you achieve your desired glow. No other soap can effectively help lighten your skin than 100% Herbal Soap. TO… Read more »

Stretch Marks and Scars Removal Cream – Buy Online in Nigeria

We offer the best service for Stretch mark treatment in Nigeria. Do you want to clear those irritating stretch marks or scars on your body? If so, you are in the right place. We have the best stretch marks and scars remover cream for you. Ideal for both men and… Read more »

Professional Beauty Training In Lagos

Its Here Again!! Talking Nails & Beauty Presents… Our First Beauty Training For The Year Learning a trade / handwork goes beyond doing it just to get busy. Branding is key. Lets teach you how to brand your beauty business and make a career of it. Learn from the professionals…. Read more »

Quality Glasses In Lagos

Who says glasses are going out of fashion? You’re so wrong. Rather, they’re getting better than ever! Glasses now come in ‘hot’ shapes and colors, not only for recommended users but also for cosmetic / fashion users. So, whatever your preference, we have the perfect fit and color for you…. Read more »

Egyptian Half Caste Cream

Are you aiming to get an amazing white skin that’ll make you the envy of all your friends? Oh yes! you can achieve it with The Egyptian Half Caste Cream. Now available @ Talking Nails & Beauty. Important Announcement: For customers in the US and Canada, we now have a… Read more »

Skin Lightening Creams and Oils

We have the best skin bleaching creams in Nigeria. If you desire to have a flawless glowing skin, we definitely have products for you. Natural skin lightning products that’ll give you even tone, blemish free skin. Even your friends will wonder what your secret is. List of some of our… Read more »

Buy Kamana Egyptian Milk Here – Available 24/7

The Egyptian Milk is in stock now! Place your order and get it promptly; the cream works really well on most skin types. New & Available! * Egyptian Milk * Crystal Body Polish Powder/Scrub * Sweet Almond Oil * Avocado Oil * Glow Bath Milk * Indian Secret Oil *… Read more »