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Truth be told, enjoying a smooth, silky, spotless and even toned skin comes at a price. You have to invest in time for research and money to acquire the right items for your skin. This could take several weeks, months or years of trials by error before you arrive at what’s best for you; that is if you succeed at the end.

However, to make this process easier and faster, consult with professional beauticians; consult with us.

We will check your skin, do skin analysis, evaluate your habits and within minutes, we know what would work for you a great deal on the short and long term for lasting results.

We will also give you quality beauty products that would work for your skin and instruct you how to use them for best results.

We have numerous happy and satisfied customers, locally and internationally. For us, landing on the desired results for your skin is easy because we have years of experience with many skin issues and challenges.

Areas we have helped our customers include:

* Dark Knuckles Removal

* Stretch Marks Removal

* Scars Removal

* Dark Eye Sockets/Bag Removal

* Sunburn Removal

* Pink Lips Enhancement

* Dark and Light Skin Glow

* Skin Glow Enhancement

* All Body Glow and Even Tone

We have the best natural, herbal and organic skin products to achieve best result without hurting your skin.

Consult with us today; use the contact information below:

Talking Nails & Beauty

23 Fatai Street Junction, Facing Greenland Road, Egbeda Lagos Nigeria. Tel/WhatsApp: 08135985835

Stay Beautiful. Cheers

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