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Extreme Velvet Skin Whitening Cream

Extreme Velvet Skin White is a very good complexion enhancing cream that guarantees great results within a short period of time. Users if this cream actually get two shades fairer in 14days. Extreme Velvet cream is for face and body, and suitable for all skin types.  If you really desire… Read more »

Thai White Cream – Buy Here

The Thai White Cream is one of the latest skin whitening creams which promises visible and good results in two weeks. This cream is growing fast in popularity and demand globally. What it does: * It whitens the skin * It clears surface blemishes * It softens and nourishes the… Read more »

Buy Kamana Egyptian Milk Here – Available 24/7

The Egyptian Milk is in stock now! Place your order and get it promptly; the cream works really well on most skin types. New & Available! * Egyptian Milk * Crystal Body Polish Powder/Scrub * Sweet Almond Oil * Avocado Oil * Glow Bath Milk * Indian Secret Oil *… Read more »